Mountain Burger House Diner

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Sometimes the best way to battle sadness and despair is not by addressing it head-on, but by covering it a silky smooth Hollandaise sauce. The stomach is where we hold a lot of emotional stress, and this why we often eat when we are upset. This is how I recently addressed a profound loss in my life.

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The Italian Kitchen

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Happy merry post-holidays and belated New Years everyone. I’m going to start this year out right by doing as little work as possible. I’ve come to that point in my Eggs Benedict reviews that I no longer have to either actually pay for or eat Eggs Benedict. People just comp me Bennies so that I go to their restaurants to review their interpretations. I’m kind of a big deal now, don’t worry about it.

And guess what? I just send a hungry imposter to do my biddings. Little does anyone know I am actually a superb breakfast chef myself so I’ve been staying home perfecting my shredded hash browns and basted eggs instead. Not basted as in water but basted as in bacon grease – southern heart-attack style.
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Slickety Jim’s Chat & Chew

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Have you ever had that bizarre sensation that you may have opened and run a breakfast restaurant before? That you got fucked up and wrote a bizarre menu of upside down jokes with fun-filled asides, then one day you just completely forgot and it’s been running happily without you ever since? I got that very feeling at my first(?) visit to Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew. Seriously soak that in for a second. Slickty Jim’s Chat and Chew. Let it digest.
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