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Have you ever had that bizarre sensation that you may have opened and run a breakfast restaurant before? That you got fucked up and wrote a bizarre menu of upside down jokes with fun-filled asides, then one day you just completely forgot and it’s been running happily without you ever since? I got that very feeling at my first(?) visit to Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew. Seriously soak that in for a second. Slickty Jim’s Chat and Chew. Let it digest.

Here’s a little sample of the menu to help with what I’m trying to communicate to you:

The Benedictions: With a luscious hollandaise sauce gently cascading over two eggs poached with the tender love and care of someone who would help a granny cross the street, rescue a cat out of a tree, or consider the same good deed done by poaching your eggs just so. Served on an English muffin, toasted by a little man in a tweed suit. Comes with roasted potatoes.

It was worth going just to read that on the menu. Although thoroughly entertained by the well-written dish description, it only took me a few minutes to read, whereas my wait to eat was around half an hour. What was I going to do though, I wanted to meet the little man in the tweed suit!

As they say in New Zealand, it’s business time. Lucky for me I was with a close friend who was down with the cause, or as I like to call it, the ol’ Benedict sampler trade. So what I ended up with was one Chorizo (Spanish sausage with roast garlic and cheddar) and one Sweet Fancy Moses (Prosciutto, Brie and Artichoke.)

Sweet Baby Moses Eggs Benedict At Slickety Jim's Chat and ChewChorizo Eggs Benedict At Slickety Jim's Chat and Chew

Well I got one great Benny and one mediocre Benny. Can you guess which was which? If you’ve read some previous reviews you might have noticed a general anti-cheese sentiment in regards to my only breakfast. So yeah I tried to force it again and with a name like Sweet Fancy Moses can you blame me?

Cheese is quite simply too rich. I mean you’re pouring egg yolk/butter sauce on your breakfast already. Cheese just isn’t necessary. It really didn’t help that laid on top of this too salty Hollandaise and cheese mix was a COLD piece of artichoke. Like ice cold. Why on earth would I want a cold vegetable on my Benedict.

The simpler Chorizo Benny was the clear winner. Always a great protein choice Slickety Jim (the restaurant, not me) improved on the delicious sausage by serving it with ample roasted garlic. Don’t worry about it, because your breath only matters the night before. The Hollandaise was nothing to write home about, but something to write online about. Standard stuff but quality nonetheless.

In all other respects this was an good brunch. Great pan-fried hashbrowns although the eggs were a touch underdone, but the server girls were shall I say, super cute.  Notice the compliment sandwich. I know the coffee cups are supposed to speak for themselves… just want to add there are better Benedicts and breakfast nooks out there!

Sweet Baby Moses