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Of course I’m going to start things off with an Eggs Benedict Banger. Zen Cafe (located on Yew Street in Kitsalino) is at the top of the list for breakfast spots in the area. The majority of the yuppie population in this area know this for good reason. Although I’m unsure if a first post for an Eggs Benedict blog should be a review of a Benedict variation, what’s done is done. The Chorizo (pronounced CHORIZO) sausage really does perform well and is not an uncommon variation of the traditional Canadian Bacon (pronounced BACON in Canada). I’m pretty sure that they cut up a single savoury sausage for each Benny involved, which is going beyond the call of breakfast.

Zen Cafe's Chorizo Eggs Benedict

An Egg’s Benedict of this proportion is really a treat in-and-of itself. Many places prefer smaller portions due the rich nature of the Hollandaise sauce. The key to Zen Cafe’s large portion size is in the magically light Hollandaise they produce. Tacky enough to stick to it’s target, yet fluffy enough not to drown the muffin and protein… just truly wonderful stuff here folks.

In regards to the hash browns, crispiness is always an important factor for me, and these golden brown cubes of potato flesh were just that. Although I cannot believe that these were hand cubed, if they were, well done! I still prefer a crispy processed hash brown over a soggy hippy hash brown anyways.

In closing, Zen Cafe is the perfect start to the hangover brunch club, and for those venturing out in the Kitsilino area for their first breakfast. A couple notes before we move on to scoring that are important. Number one, come early, this place fills up and rightfully so. Try for before 10am and you should be alright on weekends. Two, remember that your eggs Benny can be mixed and matched, and with such a great selection why not mix it up? Like any Benny connoisseur stick with the classic to start, then move to the Chorizo on my recommendation, and branch out from there.





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